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Youth Clinic

at MacColl (Lincoln) YMCA

Tuesday Night

Grades 3-8 (co-ed)



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SEP 16-Nov 4

Adult Co-ed League

Thursday Night

at MacColl (Lincoln) YMCA


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AUGUST 16-19

Future Stars Camp

1st-8th grade (co-ed) 

at MacColl (Lincoln) YMCA



Battle of the Ocean State Tournament is a FREE event and sponsored by the Providence Pirates and the Greater Providence YMCA for High School teams in Rhode Island.

The Tournament will have boys and girls divisions and the format will be a single elimination. The first games will begin on Friday, August 6 at 4:00pm at Kent County YMCA outdoor courts. There will also be a

3-pt contest on Saturday, August 7 where each team can nominate one player from their team to participate.

The registration will be limited to first come first served basis as we can only allow certain number of teams. There is no limit on how many players can be on the team. All High School age players are eligible to play (including incoming 9th graders).

Team needs to sign up by sending an email to with the following information:

  • School/Team Name

  • Team Social Media handle

  • Coach Name

  • Coach Email & Phone number 

  • Coach Social Media handle


  • Games will have four quarter with 10 min running clock. 

  • The last 2 mins of the 4th quarter will be stop clock if the score is closer than 15 points.

  • Each team gets three 30 second timeouts for the game that can be used anytime but won't carry over to OT.

  • 8th team foul everything is 1 on 1 (no double bonus unless it is a shooting foul).

  • Team fouls resets in each half.

  • No individual fouls will be kept.

  • Overtime will be 1 min stop clock, every foul is 1 on 1. 

  • Games will be played with official ABA basketball. 

Any questions please reach us at

Follow us on social media @PiratesABA as there will be live updates during the games.

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