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Pirates Announce Partnership with Snookers Bar & Grille in Providence

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This past week the Providence Pirates have announced a partnership with Snookers Sports Billiards Bar & Grille located in Providence, RI. 

"We talked about being a possible partner with the Pirates and we are now thrilled to be doing that" said Snookers General Manager Paul Troxell. When asked what Snookers will be looking forward to in their partnership with the Pirates Paul replied, "For us and for our guests, it's the access to the players and coaches... any body that is interested in basketball at this level can come in and get up close and personal with the Pirates."

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"It's a great place to enjoy a meal, and it gives our organization the opportunity to interact with our fans" said Pirates G.M. Paul Rogers when asked about the partnership with Snookers, "it just gives us a good opportunity to get out in the community and interact with the people that are supporting us." 

The Snookers will host the Pirates after every home game, where players and staff can interact with the fans. 

Pirates will host Worcester Major in their opening night on October 30th in West Warwick Civic Center. Season and single game tickets are on sale.

Interested in Partnering with the Pirates or Learning More? Email:

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