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Pirates Announce Newest Sponsorship!

Your Providence Pirates are excited to announce their newest sponsor; Equity National Title!

Equity National Title:


Equity National Title was founded in 1989 to provide outstanding customer service and support to lenders (both commercial and residential), homeowners and realtors. Equity National title uses their 30+ years of experience in order to guide and support their clients all the way from the first step to closing.

"We do more than just make closings happen. We take very good care of people. In fact, it's a big priority and we've built our business around making sure it stays that way."

"What makes us so different is that we have the products and processes in place to make sure things go smoothly for everyone at the table. Ultimately, our focus is on the satisfaction of the buyer. If that experience is a happy one, it reflects well on every stakeholder. We show up for work every day believing that if we do right by people, we will be successful, and help our partners grow. Join us in our mission to make the home buying experience an awesome one."

The Pirates are thrilled to partner with Equity National Title as the second half of the season is upon us!

317 Iron Horse Way Suite 301
Providence, RI 02908 

Phone: (800) 237-8489

Sunday: Closed
Monday-Friday: 8AM–8PM
Saturday: 9AM–3P
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